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YES! Doggy Dance Competitions Really Exist!


Each year, THOUSANDS of dogs and their owners from around the world compete in doggy dance competitions such as Cruft’s Freestyle Heelwork to Music Competition, FCI Dog Dance World Competition, World Canine Freestyle Dance Competition, and dozens of others.  

The sport is officially accredited by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the competitions are watched by MILLIONS of viewers worldwide.

Sounds FUN! So, What's The TV Show?

  • The series begins with twelve owners and their four-legged freestylin’ companions. 

  • Each week, owners and their dogs will rehearse and perform new dance routines that will be scored by an expert panel of judges, along with hilarious commentary from our favorite opinionated animal-loving celebrities!

  • At the start of each episode, outtakes and best laugh-out-loud moments from that week's rehearsals will be shown for everyone to see how hard they've been training.  

  • With the competition about to begin, dogs will get groomed, primped, and performance-ready by our absolutely FAB-ulous dog groomers and canine wardrobe stylists. Half the fun is seeing their show-stopping looks and outfits all come together!

  • After all of the contestants perform, the owner and their dog with the lowest score will be eliminated from the competition allowing the others to continue to the following week!

  • As the cast gets narrowed down, the level of difficulty for each routine expected from the judges will increase, until the season finale when ONE owner and their dog are crowned the winner of Dancing with the Paws! and a cash prize! 


Which Celebrities Are You Considering To Be Commentators?

In the comedic style of 'Best of Show' and 'Pitch Perfect,' our celebrities will provide PAWS-ITIVELY HILARIOUS commentary throughout the competition. Utilizing Wallin Chamber's representation with UTA, we've compiled a list of UTA repped comedic talent ALL who have a love for everything in the dog world. They will be just paw-fect to entertain our viewers!


Megan Mullaly & Nick Offerman


Elizabeth Banks


Kevin Hart


Ali Wong


John O'Hurley


Jane Krakowski

Tiffany Haddish

Molly Shannon

Billy Eichner

Who Are The Groomers & Canine Stylists?

First of all, let us just say...watching dogs being groomed can offer some of the most hilarious moments imaginable! Our four-legged friends don't always like the primping, clipping, and shaving to get performance-ready, but some dogs absolutely LOVE it! With Wallin Chambers unique connection with Mystic Art Pictures casting company, we've been able to identify the 'best-of-the-best' groomers and stylists from all around the country, whose talents are only outshined by their amazingly fun and entertaining personalities!


Christian Cowan

Designer & Pet Stylist

Ruben Santana

Groomer & Pet Sylist


Celebrity fashion designer and pet designer, Christian Cowan, has collaborated with pet brand 'Moshiqa,' to make fashionable pet accessories and clothes. His work has been featured during New York Fashion Week and was a finalist for the 2018 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. Some of his celebrity clients include: Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Naomi Campbell, and recently Cardi B.

Pet stylist and groomer, Ruben Santana, has been featured on Despierta America Univision, News 12: The Bronx, Mooch Mooch Pets, Telemundo -Un Nuevo Dia, Vanity Pets, The Dog Show, Urban Animals, Travel Channel and many more. He's also a pet fashion designer at the New York Pet Fashion Show.

Melissa Bacelar runs The Wagmor Pet Hotel & Spa. Within Wagmor, she directs a non-profit rescue program, a doggy daycare, grooming salon, and doggy concierge...and she happens to be a pet psychic. Yes, we said pet psychic! She's appeared on talk shows and radio shows to read dogs or to have the hosts try to disprove her; none have yet. She'll check on our nervous pooches before each performance to ensure they feel their best before the big show. She has helped tons of celebrities adopt dogs such as Kris Jenner, Ellen DeGeneres, Ariana Grande, and Sandra Bullock.

Melissa Bacelar

Pet Psychic & Groomer

OK, This Is Hilarious! What Is The Judging Criteria?

  • Partnership and Cooperation 

  • Flow 

  • Responsiveness

  • Commands and Signalling 

  • Presentation 

  • Correct Execution of Moves 

So It's 'Best In Show' For The Doggy Dance World? I'm IN!

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